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Delivering aid to al-Fasher, Sudan

Partitioning Darfur
Manjit Singh

Western powers, through the International Criminal Court (ICC), have succeeded in preventing a nascent peace initiative between Darfurian rebels and the central Sudanese government – a prelude to the eventual partition of the country.

Dollar bills in shape of gun

U.S. ‘Financial Warfare’
Noah Shachtman

There's growing concern in defense and intelligence circles that the global recession has the potential to threaten America's national interests. But a small group of academics and Pentagon policy-makers believe that the U.S. could benefit from the financial havoc.

Pakistani lawyers

Pakistani people power
Manjit Singh

Conceding to the growing political power of the people, Pakistan’s government reinstated a deposed Chief Justice in order to stem a political crisis, however the weakening of the government’s authority threatens to leave a power vacuum that may be filled by armed militant groups such as the Taliban.


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