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MI5 & the IRA
Andrew G. Marshall

This report examines the role played by British intelligence and the British Army in collusion with the IRA and other paramilitary terrorist organizations; supplying weapons and explosives, allowing bombings to go forward and even committing murder in the name of “fighting terror.”

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Origins of Afghan War
Andrew G. Marshall

The purpose of this report is to examine the truth behind the October 2001 NATO invasion of Afghanistan, specifically relating to the politics of oil pipelines, the US' relationship with the Taliban, and war preparations taken against Afghanistan prior to 9/11.

Mushareff, cc Flickr OpenDemocracy, modified,

Pakistan’s Murky Future
Marsha Reid

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s decision to resign rather than face impeachment by parliament will have both domestic and international implications: a political power vacuum for a fractious Pakistan, and the loss of a once indispensible ally in the “war on terror” for the US.

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Pakistan’s Musharraf in Crisis
Ian Speigel

Impeachment proceedings against Pervez Musharraf are gaining momentum. Once he is replaced, however, the parliamentary infighting will continue as a new power structure coalesces. In the meantime, Pakistan lists as its economy implodes and lawlessness spreads in the provinces.


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