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Moscow Russia

Russian Reassertion
Geopolitical Monitor

Russia has continued to aggressively reassert itself militarily. It has made its new approach clear by threatening to target US missile shield sites with nuclear weapons, testing a new intercontinental ballistic missile and providing nuclear fuel and promises of military assistance to Iran.

CIA Logo. US Fema Camps

CIA in South America
Sakura Saunders

Fueled by the Cold War and transnational corporate interests, the U.S. has covertly tinkered with the governments of Latin American countries since World War 2, producing an extremely violent and unstable political climate.

CIA Logo. US Fema Camps

Nick Wright

This Article provides a contemporary overview of the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the detainment camps it operates throughout the United States and its powers during a declared state of emergency. It is intended to provide context to the claims that there are plans to use the camps to unconstitutionally hold American citizens.

Map of North America and US, Mexico and Canada flags

North American Integration
Geopolitical Monitor

There has been much discussion of further North American integration under a ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’ between Canada, The United States and Mexico. Business think tanks campaign for harmonized policies, citizens groups call for public consultation and warn of a secret agenda while politicians publicly seem to do little at all. This article is a primer on the issue of North American integration.


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