May Limps into a New Round of Brexit Negotiations

October 5, 2017

Neil Thompson

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The governing UK Conservative Party (who have formed a minority administration propped up by a so-called ‘confidence and supply’ deal with the small and hard right Democratic Unionist party) has been enduring a stormy party conference this week. Prime Minister Theresa May has been trying to unite the Conservatives around a platform, but her Cabinet colleagues have been busy squabbling over the terms. In particular, the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been seen by many analysts as pushing for a harder Brexit than the prime minister has publicly supported. The Foreign Secretary is thought to be positioning himself as the champion of the most enthusiastic Brexiters; he recently declared that the referendum result was not a ‘plague of boils’ in a speech that criticized various British political and media figures opposed to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

The party conference was seen as a test of Conservative unity before the resumption of talks with Brussels.


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