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Sanctions, Oil Could Weaken Russia’s Rule in the North Caucasus

RedSquare cc Ana Paula Hirama

A budgetary crisis in Moscow risks reigniting long-dormant insurgencies across the North Caucasus.

Caucasus Emirate Leadership Adopts ‘Terror 2.0’ Tactics

cc Michal Vogt Flickr

In a move echoing the administrative and social media focus of Islamic State, the new leader of CE has called on fighters to engage in conflict on a political, economic, and informational front - not just a military one.

The Chechnya Conflict

Chechnya War CC Wiki Commons

Chechnya has been home to a power struggle between Russians and Chechens for centuries, and it could be the next region to fall under Islamic State’s expanding global shadow.

Islamic State Looks to Ignite Insurgency in the North Caucuses

Russia Army CC Mikhail Kamarov

Russia is facing the unsettling prospect of a wave of well-trained and battle-hardened foreign fighters returning to resume the insurgency in the North Caucuses.

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