Dmytro Voronenko

Dmytro Voronenko, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Scorto Solutions International, where he is a member of advisory board for several World Bank supported projects in developing countries. He is also author of articles in Banker, Technical Analysis of Stock and Commodities, Banking Technology, Carte Blanche and other magazines.

New Regional Alliances Emerge in the Fight against Islamic State

cc Flickr Ronnie Macdonald

The dynamic in the Middle East is changing. Recent events have pushed Turkey towards a more activist position against Islamic State (ISIS) and Kurdish forces, which is shaping the response of other regional players, and leading to new alliances that will impact the future of Syria, Iraq, and the wider region.

Islamic State Has Assad, Geopolitics to Thank for Its Survival

AssadSpeech, cc Flickr Tjebbe van Tijen

It is not the fear of Islamic State nor the desire to eliminate it that defines the strategies of the main players in the Middle East. Rather it is the fear of how the balance of power will shift after ISIS is eliminated.

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