US-China Relations

US President Barack Obama (R) chats to I

US-Indonesian Relations: A Balancing Act Daniel Bodirsky

With increased Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea and a re-posturing of U.S. focus towards East Asia, the most powerful Southeast Asian state finds itself at a crossroads as it seeks to balance long-standing relations with the U.S. and the growing importance of its relationship with China, says Daniel Bodirsky of the Geopoliticalmonitor.

Vietnam and US Trade Talks - Ceremony of the Mong Duong 2 power plant in Quang Ninh province

New Strategic Partners US And Vietnam Begin Tough Trade Talks Raymond Burghardt

Vietnamese and Americans joined together in Hanoi last December for a happy celebration, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the entrance into force of the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement signed in December, 2001. The gathering of current and former trade negotiators, diplomats, and business leaders exchanged witty anecdotes about who had been the toughest negotiator. However, the main focus for both American and Vietnamese participants was on the positive prospects for future US-Vietnam relations across the spectrum of trade and strategic common interests.

US foreign policy and reluctance towards intervention

OPINION: Getting US Foreign Policy Right Elbridge Colby

Political sentiment in the United States seems to be turning against the interventions and nation-building projects that have characterized US foreign policy in recent years. The revulsion at the cost and size of government, including the cost of expensive wars in the Middle East, has been amply demonstrated during the debt ceiling drama of recent weeks.


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